Youth Ministries

Resurrection invites all youth into the vibrant life of Christ by walking alongside youth and families to trust in Jesus, live out their calling in this world, and serve the world God loves.

Youth ministries encompasses students 6th through 12th grade.  For information, contact Hannah Lorence at

Student Programming

Middle School Youth Group - Currently meeting via Zoom

Our Middle School Youth Group is meeting weekly virtually on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm. To be a part of youth group contact Hannah Lorence.

That High School Thing - Currently meeting via Zoom

That High School Thing has expanded and will meet Wednesdays from 6-8pm.  Come to church for a meal and games at Friends, Food, and Fun between 6 and 6:30.  Be a part of worship and large group time from 6:30-7:15, and then meet at the farmhouse for small group time with your peers from 7:15-8pm.

Confirmation Ministry

Our Middle School Confirmation programming is held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm September through April.  We follow a Learn - Live - Share sequence, where we learn about the topic, live out the topic through service, and share how God works in us and in the world.

Small groups engage weekly topics through a large group teaching time and small group discussion time.  An optional piece to Wednesday evenings is Friends, Food, and Fun from 6:00-6:30 pm.  This is a time for students to build trusting relationships with one another and adults leaders, while sharing a meal together and playing 9-square, Gaga ball and other games.

Retreats, Camps and Mission Trip

Camp Wapo - Cancelled

Camp Wapo is the site for weekend and week-long summer camps for students of all ages. Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp is located in Amery, WI, and includes Wilderness Canoe Base, a boundary waters camp for youth and/or families.  All Bible camps at Camp Wapo and Ox Lake have been cancelled for the summer.   Please contact Hannah Lorence with questions.

Summer Stretch - Cancelled

Meeting 4 times in the summer on Wednesdays, students in grades 6-8 serve in the local community in the mornings and enjoy recreational activities in the afternoon.  A fifth gathering is planned for a day at Valley Fair together.

Mission Trip - Cancelled

June 20-26, 2020, students grade 8-12 are invited to join us for a YouthWorks mission trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  Come out of your comfort zone to engage in God's story in the world, see the panoramic beauty of the Badlands and serve the community of Pine Ridge. See details and register here by March 1, 2020.