Each fall, staff and key leadership look with purpose to the coming year and project what resources will be needed to accomplish the mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church. Over a three week period, from November 10-24, 2019, we will be in conversation about how we can all invest in the mission. It is an exciting time! A stewardship mailing was sent the first week in November to members and friends. All are invited to bring your commitment card to worship November 24 or December 1, or mail it to the church office by December 2.  Thank you.


A Pile of Stones

November 3 | Micah 6:6-8



On our journey God has gone before us and marked the way. Much like hikers in the wilderness will build piles of stones (cairns) to help their fellow travelers; God has given us a pile of stones to help us stay on the trail.


November 10 | Matthew 23:23-27



On our journey we are often confronted by choices that leave us wondering what is true or what gives us life. Jesus brings stark clarity to this reality and calls us to live with integrity, finding our touchstone not in our own wills but in Jesus himself.



November 17 | Ephesians 2:17-20



Our journey may be our first but it’s not the first journey in human history. We join with those far and close, placing our lives as living stones on those who have come before us; being those stones for those to come. And it is Jesus, the cornerstone that holds up all things.