JoAnne Johnson – President

I have been a member of Resurrection since 1997. I have served in various ways, including the Worship Team as flute player, the Building Task Force, various Call Committees, and the Youth Ministry Leadership Team. My husband Dave is also active at Resurrection.  Our three adult children, Robbie, Allison (and Kellen), and Jessica, grew up here. We are grateful for the community at Resurrection, who made this a place our children loved to go and helped nourish and grow their faith. I am very excited to be called to serve the Mission Leadership Team.

Julie Tighe – Vice President

Since birth I have been involved in church at varying degrees. I played the role of baby Jesus in our church Christmas pageant (I cried the entire time!), but also was involved in Sunday School, First Communion, and Confirmation. As a senior in High School, I was a youth representative and had many opportunities to represent our youth in council at church as well as the community. As an adult I have worked with the youth, music and dance programs at a twin cities area church. I enjoy serving on the Mission Leadership Team during this time of growth and transition, as well as beyond.

Phil Zeccardi – Secretary

I have been involved with the church most of my life and have been an active Resurrection member since 2018 with my compassionate wife and adventurous daughters.  As local residents, we view Resurrection as a community asset that delivers opportunities to many, and serving on the Mission Leadership Team allows me to contribute to its success.  As a young family, we are often outdoors and participate in a variety of activities together.

Sarah Dunning

I have been a member at Resurrection since 2012.  My family (husband Scott and two children Jack and Kaitlyn) joined Resurrection after attending the Easter service that year and experiencing our church’s family like atmosphere.  I volunteer because I believe it is essential to give back to an organization that has given us so much.  Currently, in addition to my MLT role, I participate on the worship team, and teach Sunday school.

Jeff Murray

Jennifer, Evan and I joined Resurrection in 2016.  Jennifer and I met at the University of Minnesota but work took us out of the area for 30 years.  We are happy to be back close to family and friends.  Both of us are life long Lutherans and we raised our three adult children (Justice, Owen and Evan) in various Lutheran churches around the country.  I feel blessed to be called to serve on the MLT.  I view it as a chance to give back time and talent to our faith community and get to know more of you in the process.  When I’m not in church you might find me outdoors.  I enjoy many outside activities such as running, hiking, biking, walking, skiing and gardening just to name a few.

Ryan Thompson

My family and I joined Resurrection in 2011, and I have found a wonderful community.  I was interested in joining the MLT because I believe that our church, our community of faith, needs our time and energy to make it a better place. Our family has been involved with many things over the past few years, but I realized that I could give more. Much is bound to happen at Resurrection in the next couple years, and I am excited for the chance to be a part of it.