Why members say they serve/participate in ministry at Resurrection - -

Greg and Karyn J, Confirmation Small Group Leaders

We feel very blessed to be Confirmation small group leaders and by our amazing group of 6th graders!  We continue to be inspired by our group’s enthusiasm, unique perspectives, and questions about the different topics covered in the large group forum. We learn from the kids every week and gain insight into their world as middle schoolers. It’s amazing to be a part of this group’s faith journey, not only this year but through the entire 3-year Confirmation program. Learn more about Resurrection’s Confirmation Ministry here.  Feb, 2019

Melissa and Andy C, Family Camp Participants

Our family is so excited that Resurrection is heading to Wapo’s Wilderness Canoe Base Camp. Past Family Camp experiences have allowed us to make new and deeper connections with our church family while spending time out in God’s beautiful creation. We hope your family can join us at Family Camp this summer. Learn more about Resurrection’s Family Camp options here.  April, 2019

Carol Hauch, Adult/Student Event

One of the many fantastic fellowship experiences for me at Resurrection was when the Confirmation youth and Senior Life members had an inter generational gathering. The youth served a meal in which we all partook, followed by working side by side on a service project. We enjoyed one-on-one discussions and our conversations were lively and filled with laughter. Faith stories were shared, friendships were made, and our church family strengthened through this inspiring fellowship.   Learn more about Youth Ministries and Sr. Life Fellowship.  April, 2019

Colton and Becky Borg, Food and Fellowship Ministry

We participate in Food and Fellowship/Supper Club because it's a great way to connect more deeply with our Resurrection community in a casual and relaxed environment. The recipes provided means there's not even pressure of figuring out what to cook! We have enjoyed many laughs and good fellowship--it's amazing how many commonalities we can find when we spend a little time together. It's so nice to come to church on a Sunday morning, or for the Living Room, or for an event and already know several people in a meaningful way. We are part of Food and Fellowship because we believe in genuine community and the power of living life together with others. Contact  to learn more. October, 2019